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BASIX + NatHERS - 2 & 3 storey single dwelling up to 300m2


Do you need a BASIX & NatHERS Certification for your project?


If your development is in NSW and a 2-3 level single dwelling up to 300m2 of floor area, then this is the right package for you.



Email full drawing set in PDF format (details are outlined below) along with purchase details. Once we receive information, we will review it, and get back to you in case any more details are needed. Once all information is received, we will commence the assessment and deliver drafts within nominated time-frame. We will deliver drafts and comments to you or a nominated by yourself person for feedback. When information is confirmed from your end, then we will be issuing final documentation ready for council submission.


Delivery Time:

3-5 business days nominal. 

NOTE: If you require express processing feel free to select our express option at the checkout.


Additional useful generic NatHERS information:

NatHERS in Australia is a certification process and is required for almost all new residential developments, either single or multi types. NatHERS was developed as "a measuring tape" so to estimate a home's use of energy allocated heating & cooling throughout the year and in order to set minimum benchmarks for star rating performance that dwellings are allowed to be built as. Currently with the exception of NSW, in most cases the minimum NatHERS energy rating is 6 stars.


What information is needed to produce a NatHERS certificate?

  • Site plan showing true North orientation
  • All plans, sections, elevations
  • Window schedule
  • Construction types
  • Colour tones of roof and external walls
  • Floor coverings information

Generally, add-on appliances such as, air-conditioners, fans, etc. are not required for a NatHERS assessment as they do not affect the star rating. NatHERS energy ratings are basically translating in terms of heating & cooling loads the sound or not, design of a dwelling.


In NSW NatHERS is used in conjunction with BASIX. BASIX is a NSW state-wide tool released in order to benchmark and improve the overall environmental sustainability of residential developments.

All new houses and apartment buildings are required to have a BASIX certificate completed as part of development applications.


The BASIX tool has three segments; Water, Thermal Comfort and Energy.


Water efficiency - nominally a reduction of water consumption by a minimum of 40% compared to a standard house (house without any water saving measures) for new houses/townhouses and by 30% compared to a standard apartment for apartments. The water usage reduction for apartments, sometimes is also at 40% depending on suburb, size of development, etc.

Water efficiency is primarily achieved via the use of rated water appliances (shower heads, taps, cisterns), the utilization of rainwater tanks for garden watering usage and sometimes for laundry, and toilets as well as pools whenever applicable.​

Thermal comfort - NatHERS is a national scheme although not compulsory to all states, however is compulsory in NSW. It is a scheme where dwellings are rated according to their thermal performance for summer and winter. That is achieved via the simulation of the proposed dwelling by specialty software packages such as AccuRate, Firstrate and Bers. The way this is done is the whole geometry of the subject building, including neighbouring buildings for shading, location, orientation and building constructions are inputted. All of the above are calculated thus predicting cooling and heating loads. BASIX has benchmarks for these loads mainly dependent on location and building type, however other secondary parameters are taken into consideration.​

Single dwellings can also be assessed via the use of the simple method, a method that can be assessed by anyone however be careful on the commitments as they will be checked by the certifier and non-compliance, will need to be addressed.​

Energy efficiency - similarly to the water efficiency section, electric appliances such as water heaters, a/c, lights, and other, sometimes including solar photo-voltaic systems are specified in order to achieve 30% - 40% energy usage reduction compared to a standard dwelling. Thermal comfort section can affect the energy efficiency performance as a well, since a well performing dwelling requires little or no a/c usage, thus contributing positively to this section.​

All of the above is combined in one document, the so called BASIX certificate and is used as a specification sheet for architects and builders for the building phase and as a checklist for building certifiers at the completion stage of the project in order for the Occupation Certificate to be issued.​


NOTE: 7.6 stars depicted in the product image is for demonstration only and in no way we imply or guarantee that the performance of your project will be in line with this.


    BASIX & Nathers certification valid for NSW projects, including stamped drawings. If your project is located outside of NSW, you need to purchace NatHERS only option.


    If we do not deliver on time, you will receive a 20% refund on your purchase. This time line is effective from the time we receive all information required for the assessment, until the point we deliver the drafts for perusal by you or a nominated party, as this is the time we are in control off.


    All certifications and related documents will be emailed to nominated email account

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